Happy 27th Birthday, Alix!

Did you know 27 is my lucky number?  Neither did anyone else apparently.  But it is, so I have a feeling this is going to be a great year, and we definitely got it started off right.

Steve got me a few small but great gifts while we were in San Juan del Sur which consisted of a bottle of Flor de Caña, a certificate for a 1 hour massage, a chocolate bar, and a caramel birthday cake.  Then while I was out getting a wonderful massage, he and Mark set off into town to gather some fixin’s for what turned out to be an amazingly delicious BBQ.  We had a pool party BBQ and drank ourselves stupid, there was even some skinny dipping!  WOO HOO!

Thanks to my wonderfully sweet fiance, our good friend Mark, and a new friend and great guy Troy, I had a wonderful birthday I will never forget.  Thanks guys!

Donkey Murals at Hostel Surfing Donkey

After arriving in San Juan del Sur at Hostel Surfing Donkey, we noticed the walls were a bit lacking and needed a bit of an artists touch.  After talking to the owner of the hostel, she agreed to allow us to do a bit of painting on the front of the hostel to help draw travelers in. We agreed that I would paint the door and a logo on the front of the hostel and Steve would paint a sign directing arriving travelers toward the bar area which was also the reception.  We both came up with some terrific ideas and were glad to spruce the hostel up a bit with our art.

The door posed a special challenge as there were lots of thin metal bars that ran vertically and horizontally all over the door, so I had to paint around and on top of them to give the illusion of a flat surface.  I think it turned out pretty good and Steve’s sing came out fantastic.  I love his donkey mask style :)

Having A Little Dirty Fun in San Juan Del Sur

We met up with our great friend Mark when we arrived in San Juan del Sur and he was excited to tell us some great news!  Him and his buddy Troy started their very own pub crawl in San Juan del Sur!  It is the first pub crawl to exist in San Juan del Sur and it is a blast.

If you ever find yourself in San Juan del Sur, be sure to sign up at Iguanas Bar on Mondays and Thursdays from 5-7 and then meet up near the Taco Stop at 7:45 where you will embark on a 4-5 bar crawl with free drinks or shots at each bar!  It only costs $10 for the entire night and you also get a free t-shirt!  It’s an experience you won’t forget…or maybe you will.

Find the Dirty Crawl on Facebook and Twitter too!





San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Ahh, San Juan del Sur.  This is definitely a place we would call paradise, or home even.  When we arrived we found our hostel easily enough and settled right in.  The Hostel Surfing Donkey was recommended to us by Engle, a friend we met in El Salvador and we immediately fell in love with it’s homey charm and swimming pool!  The swimming pool kept us very cool on those sweltering Nicaraguan days.

If you like waking up in the morning and hitching a ride to one of the many surfing beaches surrounding San Juan del Sur, then returning and having a healthy breakfast smoothie or splurging on something a little more exciting like eggs benadict, then lounging around poolside and enjoying some drinks at one of the many bars in town then San Juan is definitely for you.  You can also take a walk down to the local produce market and fish market to buy your own fresh caught fish on the cheap and make yourself some delicious meals.  The avocados are nearly as big as a football! You can even brush up on your Spanish skills in town at one of the many family run Spanish schools.  Steve and I pretty much did all of this and more while we stayed in San Juan for about 3 weeks.

We took some private Spanish lessons at Nica Spanish Language School and had a wonderful time learning more about the language and practicing our verbs and conversation skills.  We are still far from experts, but it helped a lot and all of the instructors were fantastic.

Nearly every evening we would walk to the beach and take in the amazing sunsets.  Locals often had soccer matches in the sand and we even witnessed a baptism in the water one evening as well.

San Juan del Sur was amazing.  We found ourselves poking around for some apartments to see what it would take to make a more permanent residence in town.  It’s definitely a possibility and we will be stopping back here on our return route.  We had an amazing 3 weeks here, met up with some old friends we had met, skinny dipped in the pool, painted murals, celebrated my birthday with a BBQ, and fell in love with the little beach town.  We’ll be back!

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