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1999 Honda Civic LX

Say hello to “The Beast” which from the outside looks like anything but.  Don’t let her outward appearance fool you, this car is currently taking us all the way from San Diego, California to Panama, Central America.

Yeah…check out that dirt.  Don’t worry, it gets a “rain wash” every once in a while and looks like brand new!

I bought my little civic in 2007 after moving to San Diego when I recieved a job offer there.  I needed a car so I found this little piece.  I had a family member take a look at it and he said “You shouldn’t have bought this car” and laughed at me.  I decided to keep the thing anyway and after a few minor repairs and two thefts/break ins it is still running strong today.

We were originally on the fence about whether or not we wanted to make our trip through Mexico and Central america by bus or by car and finally decided “Why not take the Honda?”  So now here we are with The Beast with a trunk full of camping supplies, some fresh new paint on the drivers side thanks to me, and an engine that won’t quit.  Here are some travel stats so far:

  • Flat Tires: 3
  • Broken Windows: 1
  • Mechanic Visits: 1
  • Dirt Roads Driven: 12
  • River Crossings: 2
  • Tickets: 0.5
  • Stuck In The Sand: 1
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  1. Markk Says:

    Oh man, you guys went all commercial!
    Although I do like the new look – very professional!

    Sorry no more donations – I’m already donating quite a bit!

    love you guys – stay Safe! (and keep up the excellent photography)!

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