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Cobra Detail

I had the Cobra detailed today while I was at work and I was so impressed with the results I took some pictures. I installed the remaining LEDs behind the HVAC controls but in the process I managed to mangle the center control bezel pretty bad. It was already in terrible shape and some of the screw holes cracked through the plastic. I’ll be looking for a replacement over the next few days. I also switched out the headlights for the refinished OEM ones to determine if the light scattering is caused by the after market lenses. I can barley see at night the scattering is so bad. I’m thinking about replacing the stock stereo soon and fixing the tweeters on the Mach system. They still sound ok, but their age is definitely apparent.


Someone peeled the weather stripping off that corner light. It seems like everyone is out to get me these days.


You can see where some jack ass hit the back bumper and then obviously neglected to leave a note.


RedlineGoods Shifter and E-Brake Boot

I read some good things about RedlineGoods shift boots on SVTP so I decided to order a new shift boot and ebrake boot to add a little extra to the interior of the cobra. The boots arrived quickly (from Poland) and are of the highest quality. All together I spent $69 shipped! Not bad for real leather.  You can get many different colors and styles, but I decided to stick with an all black interior. I followed the tutorial by SVTP board members Tabres and Dano (follow link to tutorial) and had the whole thing installed in a few hours. I had to buy a dremel tool and some velcro which was about $70 total but a great investment. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a dremel! The only hard part for me was getting the center cosole out of the car. You really have to have the ebrake pulled up very high in order to slide the whole thing out. After I had everything installed I noticed my foglight switch light isn’t working anymore. The lights still worked so it’s not really a big deal.


Stock boot and that blasted rubber sleeve


Yellow fizzy beer is for wussies!

The boots look and feel great. The cobra is finally starting to feel a little classy! Here is a link to RedLineGoods if you’re thinking about ordering a set. If you click this link you get 5% off your purchase and I get a little something too,  so what are you waiting for! They make boots for just about every car out there so take a look.

Up next is the SLP LM2 exhaust. Videos and pics to follow.

Headlight Restoration and Bullitt Pedal Install

By Steve

I finally had my stock cobra headlights restored by Miracle Auto Detail today. Aleksandr arrived quickly (within 15 minutes) and was both kind and courteous as well as professional and efficient.  He explained in detail the process in which he cleaned the lenses which included using a plastic relaxer, 400, 1200, and then 2000 grit sand papers along with a heavy duty rubbing compound that was buffed then sealed and finally waxed leaving a brilliant smooth as glass finish all for $25! As you can imagine I was a bit skeptical at first, but I believe his work speaks for itself. If you have similar issues with your headlights I can’t recommend him enough. I can hardly believe they are the same lights!

Aleksandr Shopen can be reached at 619 654 4777 or at Tell him Steve sent you!



Yesterday I got around to installing Bullitt/Mach 1 pedals which is a must do mod for any Mustang. As you can see the stock pedals are not only boring but functionally inadequate. I was driving home from frisbee one morning and my feet were wet because it was raining. My feet kept slipping off the clutch which can be pretty scary. These new pedals have thick rubber nibs that stick to the soles of your shoes allowing confident shifts and pedal control. The billet aluminum finish looks great!


your floor mats are dirty too

Installation was a bitch. The dead pedal was easy and only required snapping the old one off into multiple pieces and then aligning the pegs on the new one and stomping on it until it clicked into place. I then proceeding onto the gas pedal which required that I unbolt the whole pedal from the car by removing two 13mm bolts and then prying off the throttle cable. The metal pin holding the old pedal on had to be hammered out which was a wicked pain. I used goo gone to lubricate it and then some pliers to force it out. The old pedal didn’t fair too well through the ordeal. All you have to do is line up the new pedal with the pin hole and then force the pin back through. Easier than it sounds. The clutch and break pedals were ridiculous. The old pedals can be pulled off quickly but the new ones fit so snuggly around the metal pedal that it was like trying to stuff your whole body into a condom designed for midgets. I had to BOIL the pedals so the rubber became more elastic and proceeded to burn my hands on the hot metal while wrestling them on while lying upside down across the drivers seat with my head under the dash. I used a screw driver for leverage but unfortunately I slipped a few times and ended up punching myself in the face. On top of all that my kitchen smelled like a tire factory because of the boiling rubber. Awesome.

I got a nice bonus from work so the next update will include the FR500 steering wheel install and the SLP  Loudmouth 2 catback! w00t!

so much to do

Suspension Comparison

Here are the pics of the Stang before and after the suspension work





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