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Hi again!  Finally got some shots of my new bike!!  In case some of you didn’t know, I have been spending the last month of two doing tons of research about motorcycles, how to learn to ride one safely, how to get my license, and what bikes would be good to learn on.  I ended up taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Beginners Riding Course and passed their written and riding tests.  I had such a blast out there!  And one of the main reasons I took the MSF course was that If I completed and passed the course, my certificate would wave me having to take the drive test at the DMV (which I hear is a doozy).  So I got my drive test waived by learning how to ride safely with certified instructors for 10 hours over the course of two days (including an additional 5 hour classroom course) which I think was very beneficial in teaching me safe riding techniques.

After all that, I headed to the DMV, got my license and then stormed craigslist for my first bike!  At that point I already had two bikes in mind that I wanted to get.  Either the Honda Rebel 250 or a Honda Nighthawk 250.  Mostly because of my small size, there weren’t many choices out there for me to actually fit on, so I had some slim pickin’s on what to look for.  A few weeks passed and I finally got in contact with a really nice gal who was selling a 2000 Honda Rebel 250.  We stayed in touch and I found out some more info about the bike.  About 4.5k miles on it, in decent cosmetic condition, never dropped, etc.  She was even going to throw in some extras like saddle bags, a brake lock, and  some handle grip warmers.  SWEET!  So I went and met her at her place and she was super nice.  I test rode the bike with my new gear and it ran really great.  The brakes worked well, shifting was easy, and it was comfortable.  I gave her $1600 for it and she rode it home for me and even filled up the tank!!  (I was nervous about riding on the freeway since the only riding I had ever done up to that point was in my MSF class).

One cool thing about my new bike is that the gal i bought it from was the second owner.  The person she bought it from was also a chick and she bought it new in 2000.  So this bike is a girls only bike!  All female owners. I am considering this a very good omen. :)

I have since put about 15 miles on it so far  (haha not much I know.   I have just been riding around my neighborhood getting the feel of it again, practicing my turns and remembering to use my turn signals and such.  I think after a few more goes around the neighborhood I will take it out on some busier streets around town.  Then eventually once I feel confident and comfortable enough maybe take it for a spin on the freeway!  That’s much later at this point :)  Taking it nice and slow and easing into riding safely.

I am having a blast riding my new bike.  I always kind of liked motorcycles, but never thought I would actually pursue learning how to ride one.  Once I sat on one that I could actually fit on (my friend had a Rebel and i could touch the ground!) I got immediately excited and said…”Hey…I could ride this thing!”

Anyway here are some pics of the bike and some of me with my gear on .  ♥♥♥


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