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Selling stuff on Etsy!

I finally put a few items in my store on Etsy!  Check out my cute wall hangings.  I also have some new ideas for some more stuff to make and sell. Here is a link

And I also created a Twitter account to promote my stuff…since I am fairly new to the handmade scene online I have no followers yet…but oh well I’m not worried about it, I’m just having fun creating stuff.

My website is still a work in progress at but that is my next step as far as promotion goes.

Halloween at the Office

Here is a picture of Steve and I at work with some of our co-workers for a Halloween picture!  This isn’t my entire costume…I think it would have been a little inappropriate for work, hehe.


Squirrel vs. Hummingbird

This is a video i took while me and mom were knitting in my backyard.  :)

Sing, Zero, Sing!

I snapped this shot (with my old camera) as quickly as I could (you know how cats love to stay put for photo ops)!  It was pretty hot here in the last week or two and I think Zero was either cooling off or singing a magical cat opera!




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