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Belly Dancing Performance closing in!

The weekend is closing in!  I am not really totally ready yet, but I am getting there. Come see me if you can!  And if you can’t, I will post pictures and video of the event later! ♥

World Belly Dance Day

Not much posting going on here at Vernal Groove, but if you still check back every once in a while, you should be pleased to know that World Belly Dance Day is coming up on March 8th and I will be performing with my instructor, Steven Eggers, and a few other wonderful people!  This will be my first performance EVER and I am totally not ready at all, but it should be a lot of fun.  If you are interested in Belly Dance at all, this will be a great place to check out some cool stuff and see some great performances.

Here are some fliers if anyone is interested, but don’t feel obligated, I am sure there will be a lot more performances to be in in the future and those might turn out better since I will have more experience :)

Picnic in Del Mar

Last week on Friday Steve and a few of our close friends from work went to a park/beach area in Del Mar to eat a picnic lunch!  We had meant to go to an actual beach, you know with sand and stuff, but we sort of got lost and couldn’t figure out where we were.  Long story short, we ended up in a nice little park overlooking the ocean on a small cliff instead.  It was nice :)  We all had some sandwiches and I brought some fruit and crackers to share with everyone.  There were a TON of squirrels at the park and they were so fearless one even decided that my leg was a perfect spot to eat a goldfish cracker i gave him.  Take a look!

He was pretty awesome.  I wanted to pet him but i thought that might not be a good idea.

After that we tossed a frisbee around got a bit before heading back to work.  Hooray for Fridays!!!! ♥

Belly Dancing!

That’s right.  I am trying out some belly dancing!  I went to a class at the Culture Shock Dance Studio to try it out.  I have been really struggling with finding something active to do regularly to help keep my body healthy that I actually enjoy doing.  I hate running, I hate going to the gym, all that stuff just seems like such a chore to me.  But so far (and I have only taken two classes, one being the belly dancing class) I am LOVING dancing for exercise.

The first class I took on a Saturday morning was a hip hop cardio dance class.  I totally got served by everyone there.  I really wasn’t good at all.  I mean, I love dancing just when I go out and stuff, I love bars that have dj’s or some cool music to dance to, and this entire time I thought I was decent at dancing.  I always seemed to be better than most people around me.  But when I went to this hip hop class I felt like such a noob it was almost slightly discouraging.  I spent the entire time focusing on how to get the moves down, which personally I think is a good thing, but it didn’t come naturally to me very quickly.

I decided that I would keep going back for the exercise and also told myself to try some of the other classes they offered there, like belly dancing, salsa, house dancing…whatever sounded fun really.  I decided to go with a belly dancing cardio class and BAM! I instantly fell in love with it.  It requires lots of controlled fluid  movements with your body, its sexy, and it just looks very graceful and alluring.  Its really cool.  The music is cool too, I can dig it.  And even though there were only a hand full of people in the class that night, I felt like I was actually getting it a lot quicker than hip hop.  I mean I don’t even listen to hip hop, so I guess I am not surprised it didn’t really click with me.

That settles it.  They are offering two classes a week (one cardio and one regular) for belly dancing and I will be there!

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