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Steve and Me

Just a really quick drawing I did of Steve and Me :)

Monarch Butterflies!

Steve and I were on one of our morning walks a few weeks ago and we stumbled upon a bush of milkweed with tons of giant brightly colored caterpillars all over it.  There must have been at least a dozen or more noming away on the milkweed.  Steve got super excited and wanted to make sure we brought a far with us the next morning so we could take a few of these guys home with us.  He told me a story of how his dad once brought home dozens of Monarch chrysalis home and hung them all around their house and then one day they all hatched and they had a butterfly swarm all over!  This sounded awesome so we wanted to try it for ourselves.

We brought an empty jar with some holes in the lid with us the next morning and gathered up 6 caterpillars.  We also picked some of the milkweed so they would have something to eat.  We brought them home and used our old praying mantis cage and let them loose in there with leaves and sticks and milkweed.  They crawled around and ate for about a day or two before they all started to hang around doing nothing.  I thought maybe they were dieing, but it turns out when they are about to shed their skin one final time before becoming a chrysalis, they just hang there and do nothing for a few days.  So they finally became little green chrysalis pods!  Now came the boring part.

This image was found on Google, but it shows what they have looked like for about 3 weeks.

They have been in their chrysalis for about 2 weeks or so.  The weather here has been chilly at night so I think it is taking them a lot longer than normal to hatch, but this morning we woke up to see two of the chrysalis were nearing their hatching!  I took a picture and you can see the wings through the chrysalis.

I’ll take a picture of the Butterfly when it hatches!

(Fast forward 1 hour later)

THEY HATCHED! THEY HATCHED!  Two beautiful Monarch Butterflies!  That was fast :)  Here are pictures and some videos!  Watch the videos in HD! Enjoy :)

This is one of the Monarchs in the terrarium we had the chrysilis in.

I am transferring these dudes outside so the cats wont eat them when they are ready to fly away!

Belly Dance – Atash Alam

So this past Saturday I was in my first performance for tribal fusion belly dance!  It was hosted on World Belly Dance Day (see some previous posts) and It was SO MUCH FUN!  I have only been belly dancing for a few months and I was so excited when I got to be in a performance!  Many thanks go out to Steven and all the gals I danced with.  Unfortunately for me, Steven is moving away so I will need to find a new class to be apart of.  But at least I got to perform with him at least once!  And I am sure he sill poke around San Diego every so often. :)  Here are a few pics, I am still trying to get the video to work and will post that when It’s ready.

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