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Day 6

January 3rd 2009 – 11:59pm

Its just after midnight here on day 6.  I am feeling pretty good.  I had just under 2 Sigg bottles of lemonade today.  I am getting quite bored of the lemonade though.  I am patiently waiting to be able to cook again.  I think I miss that the most, even more than eating it!

Today went by pretty quick.  I had a few movements.  One of them was even more gross than before.  There seemed to be a thin oily mucus that came out.  It clung like a sticky film to the side of the bowl.  It was foul…I can’t believe this stuff was inside me!  I am glad to bid it all farewell.  Other than that everything was similar to what it has been over the past few days movement wise.  And my tongue is still coated.  Patiently waiting for my pink tongue to come home.

I am curious to see how much weight I have lost.  I feel as though the weight loss has subsided up to this point.  I might be wrong but we will see.  I will be going out to get some more water for our lemonade tomorrow so I will see how my jeans fit.  So far they have been more comfortable than before the cleanse which is nice.

I totally forgot to re-try my salt water flush today.  I remembered about halfway into the day after already having had my tea and a glass of lemonade.  Since tomorrow is the last day of our holiday break I decided that it would be a better time than any to give it one more go before heading back to work.  I am dreading it…But I would like to have it work.  I can do it!

Well other than all that, we are about to make our tea for the night and watch a movie.  Then I can brush my teeth! Yay!!

4 more days, here we come!

Day 5

January 2nd 2009 – 11:59pm

Actually, it is the morning of January 3rd, but I fell asleep watching Star Trek last night and didn’t make a blog post, so I’m doing it the morning after.

Yesterday went by fairly quickly.  We got all cleaned up and ready to go run errands all day.  We had our smooth move tea in the morning and made us each a bottle of lemonade for the road.  We took care of some supplies we needed such as getting more grade B maple syrup.  We initially bought 2 32oz bottles but already ran out of the first bottle during day 4, so I figured we would need another bottle to carry us through until day 10.  There were a few other household things we needed and took care of as well.  Then we decided to go see a movie!  We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  I like it it was good.  We managed to sit through the entire movie without getting too tempted to eat popcorn or anything.  It sure smelled good though.

Speaking of smells, I am not sure if it is just me, but I feel as if my sense of smell is becoming more acute.  I can smell things that never used to have smells before, for instance when I opened the refrigerator yesterday to fill the cat water dish I could smell the refrigerator.  It never smells.  I don’t know if some of the leftover veggies inside are starting to go bad, or maybe the eggs, but it just has a smell now.  Even though there is hardly anything in it!  I just found it odd.  And we also kept smelling a strange smell in our car while running around.  I have read some others claiming to have a more acute sense of smell during the cleanse but we will see how it goes.  The real test might be while we are at work at the tail end of the cleanse.

My tongue is still coated and my breath is starting to smell.  I think at work I will need to brush my teeth a few times just in case since we can not chew gum.  Gum has aspartame in it anyway.  However my skin looks pretty good all things considered.  Its a known fact with me that I break out when I eat processed and even sometimes restaurant food (in general, low quality and foods with low nutritional value).  I had a few deep and painfull pimples that never actually surfaced just before starting the cleanse.  I personally think those kind are the worst.  My skin has been very clear and not too dry throughout the cleanse thus far though so that can probably be attributed to my diet.  I never used to get them all the time when I was younger, probably because my body was used to the kinds of foods I ate, even if it was mostly junk, take out, and ramen (college will do that to ya), but now that I have been more conscious about what I put into my body over the past 2 years or so, my body REALLY lets me know if I made a bad food decision.  Sheesh.

While we were at the store my boyfriend insisted on stocking up on 4 cans of clam chowder.  I sort of frowned on this because the whole point of this cleanse if to minimize the want and need for these kinds of processed foods.  Although I have to admit his diet has improved ten fold since I became more health conscious, he loves my healthy cooking (: but he also occasionally likes to indulge in his junk food.  Its hard to resist eating some of his food that he keeps around, so it hurts me too.  But I guess boys will be boys and he will always want his junky stuff.  I looked on the label for the ingredients of the chowder and found out that it has MSG in it!  I was surprised.  Well actually, not really.  It is Campbell’s soup.  Their soups aren’t ranked high in my book.  I’d rather make homemade.  No wonder it tastes to good though!  I’ll use that a an excuse not to eat it when he busts it out for dinner one night (:

As for movements, I had to hold them in during the movie eep!  It was uncomfortable for only about 15 minutes and then I waited until we got home to relieve myself.  I didn’t have too many throughout the day because we were running around being busy.  Though last night I woke up 3 times and had to poo.  Fortunately, I am feeling just fine and am not tired one bit, but man!

Day 6 is today, I will write tonight.  Today should be a fairly relaxing day.  We are going to take care of a few more things around the house before work starts back up on Monday (booooooooooooo).  Then by next week I will be cooking and eating solid foods again!  Yay!

Day 4

January 1st 2009 – 10:51pm

Happy New Year!!

Today went pretty well.  It feels like we have been doing this for much longer than 4 days.  I miss cooking and eating.  I can’t wait to just even have a piece of fruit or some steamed veggies. Mmm…

So we decided to have a glass of wine last night.  We toasted at midnight and then watched some episodes of Star Trek: TNG to bring in the new year.  Whoo boy it sure did hit us like a ton of bricks though, and fast!  But we did drink very slowly and had some tea afterward to kick us into the next morning.  I had to wake up twice during the night to have movements.  It was pretty gross, it was a dark olive green color, but similar consistency, just more of the waste than normal.  It is usually a yellow-ish color, but I guess red plus yellow does equal green (sorry for the tmi).  I managed to get all of the “green stuff” or wine out of me by mid day.  So that made me feel better.  I had about one more movement after that and feel as though I am back to the normal cleansing movements.  I had about 2 Sigg bottles of lemonade today and just finished my cup of smooth move tea.  Tomorrow is day 5!  Halfway there!

I can’t WAIT until I get to brush my teeth at the end of the day!  My mouth always feels dirtier as the day goes on.  Pre-cleanse, while eating a normal diet, It would only happen on occasions depending on the foods I ate, but its every day now.  My tongue is always coated with a layer of white by the end of the night and I hate that feeling.  It feels like a cat’s sandpaper tongue to me.  I always brush my tongue at night even off the cleanse and I just can’t wait to clean it!  I read that the tongue becoming coated is a symptom of your body releasing toxins.  I also read that it does eventually go away and when you see a clean pink tongue your body has successfully cleansed most of its toxins and it is safe to ease off the cleanse.  However, I am still committed to staying the full 10 days.  But I am looking forward to that smooth pink tongue soon!

Other than all that, today was much easier than the three previous.  Everything seems to be getting easier.  I am actually looking forward to having my lemonade in the morning.  I started drinking it with a straw too.  It helps me enjoy it better, I am not sure how but it just does.  I am also getting very used to the taste of the tea.  It hasn’t been a problem up to this point, but I am just enjoying the hot tea in my mouth at the end of the day.  And it helps my tummy feel nice, warm, and full (:

My tummy has gotten much flatter over the past few days as well.  It hasn’t necessarily lost any fat per-say, I still have that same familiar pouch of tummy skin hanging on there, but it rests much flatter against my body.  A significant difference from when I started.  And my favorite jeans fit comfortably again so that is definitely a plus!  Woo Hoo!

Oh and I am thrilled to report no sings of headaches today!

Bring on day 5 so we can get this over with and I can start cooking and eating healthy foods!

Day 3

December 31st 2008 – 7:19pm

Happy New Years Eve!  Today went a lot easier in my opinion.  I wasn’t feeling hungry hardly at all, and if I did I just drank my lemonade and it helped.  I did end up trying the salt water flush this morning and YUCK was it hard to drink.  Just the salty taste in the warm water was almost vomit inducing for me…but I made it through the required 32oz.  Unfortunately I waited for over 2 hours and had no movements whatsoever!  Afterwards I just felt full and bloaty from all the water and salt.  I was reading on CureZone for similar instances with the salt water flush and found out that I may have not used enough salt.  Some people claimed they needed to add an extra tsp for it to work correctly and others said “To be on the safe side, opt to go over the amount than under.”  Oops.  I am not sure If I can down another salt water flush knowing it will be even saltier.  I think I may try it again with mroe salt on day 6.  Give my body a few days to hydrate itself and continue taking the smooth move tea.  The tea really helps me have movements, even if they are more like “butt pee” as I read someone describe it.  But at least the tea does work and I can rest easier knowing I am continuously releasing toxins.  Since the salt water flush failed for me today I didn’t have a single movement (so far, the night is still young).  Nor did my boyfriend.  He hasn’t said whether or not he will do another flush.  He seemed to be able to take the taste better than I.

My headache is nothing more than a tiny faint tingle in my head, meaning it is still there but hardly noticeable.  That must mean my body is getting used to not having the caffeine, which is good.  I have been biting my lips and the inside of my cheeks a lot (the biting of the cheeks has been an off and on habit the past year) and my lips are a bit sore.  Am I really that hungry!?  No, haha.  But my lips do seem more chapped than normal.  I have been using a Burts Bees lip balm, but it is only temporary relief.  And I keep eating it off my lips with I bite them.  This is probably not helping my cleansing process…although I may be over thinking it a bit.

We have another small dilemma…It is New Years Eve.  And we want a Drink.  We started out with the notion that we would skip the drinking and just pour our lemonade in some fancy glasses to make it ‘feel’ like we were celebrating the coming of the new year with a drink…but alas we are still tempted.  I did some research on consuming alcohol on the cleanse.  Some swore off the idea as completely contradicting the idea and purpose of the cleanse with possibilities that it may slow own or set back some progress made up to that point.  Others claimed they had enjoyed A GLASS of wine but warned of it “hitting like a ton of bricks” and complained of stomach aches hours later along with restless sleep.  And then there were few who said something along the lines of “…if your going to do it, then just have ONE GLASS of red wine, drink it slowly, enjoy it, and be careful, then continue on with the cleanse…” So we are torn.  Do we open a bottle of Chupacabra and enjoy a glass at midnight (or maybe earlier since we may be tired later) or do we stick it out and say “…hey, there is always next year…”  Hmm…

I was due to start my period about two days ago and it was just a tad late.  I am guessing it is due to the lack of food.  It is never late because I am on the pill and I was a little worried, but not overly worried as it was probably due to the cleanse.  My lower back aches were there for the past few days indicating its arrival, but didn’t see anything until this evening.  I wonder what kinds of things might happen while I’m on the cleanse?  Hopefully it will be lighter!  That would be awesome (:

Either way we go with the wine I will be drinking a cup of smooth move tea before bed to help with movements tomorrow.  I am SO glad we decided to start the cleanse during our holiday break…it  is easier to be at home and with eachother with the bathroom close by than at work and around others who will be eating their lunches and snacks during the day.  However the last 3 days and then the 3 ease out days of our cleanse will be next week when we have gone back to work.  I am thinking positive and going to say they will go just fine (:

Happy New Year!  See you in 2009!

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