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Plant’s vs Zombies!

Its been a long while since a post folks.  Things are crazy and time is short, but were still having lots of fun!  Here is my latest creation (actually I made it a few weeks ago, but hey you didn’t know that!)

He is a little plant dude called a Pea Shooter from a video game called Plant’s vs Zombies!  Its a little tower defense-like game where you plant plants in your yard to ward of the imminent attacks of zombies!  Apparently if there was a zombie apocalypse I would be just fine, my tomato plants would ward off any potential corpse-like threat.



He’s cute huh :D  I used wool felt to sew him…he actually took a while because it was hard for me to try and figure out how to sew his head into that shape.  I also used some wire to help his mouth stay round and his stem straight and leaves bendable.  They are all sticking into a piece of floral foam I glued into the pot.

Here is a shot from the game :)


I want to try and make a few more and then also include some printed seed packets from the game with them as well.  I wonder if I could sell these?

Camera Strap Cozy

When I went to the zoo recently with Steve and his parents, I obviously took my new camera to try and snap some cool shots of some animals.  But one thing I failed to mention about the trip was that the camera strap that came with the camera was unbearably uncomfortable.  I was wearing it in the most obscure ways imaginable when I wasn’t taking photos.  So to alleviate some of this discomfort in the future, I decided to make a little removable camera strap cozy!  I chose a cute mushroom print fabric and put some cushy type fabric for the outside, and then used a soft fluffy-like fabric underneath it to give it a bit more of a cushy feel.  Take a look!  It turned out pretty cool :)

I had to bust out my old P&S (point and shoot) camera to snap this pic, but it was worth it :)


One more Crafty Bit…

I had been eying this little dude on this blog site and wanted to make my very own to do with my green and blue bathroom.  He is a cute little dude.  I used wool felt (which I just recently purchased a huge assortment of colors to make cute little stuffed things with) and I must say, it is really awesome.  It is easy to work with and isn’t as frail or fray-like as regular felt.  Check this little cute dude out! I took some floral tape and wire and attached it to this little decorative fakey crafty leafy wreathy thingy i found at the craft store :)


Handmade Recycled Bathroom Rug!

I have been feeling a little crafty lately.  I was poking around the Internet trying to attain some inspiration on a new project that didn’t involve yarn.  Don’t get me wrong I will love crochet and light knitting, but I’ve been tiring of it lately mostly due to all of the projects I’m wanting to try are just too large and I don’t have the patience.  So I was looking for something to do that would enable me to break out my sewing machine again.

I found a DIY Bathroom Rug tutorial and thought “Hey, that’s a cute idea…”  Currently I have black towels and bathroom mats in the bathroom, and even though they are cushy and what not…I’m starting to get over the whole black thing.  I need some color in my life!  Also it was a quilting project and I had never tried quilting before.  Here is a close up of the rug.

I ended up doubling up two towels for the bottom of my rug.  I quickly found out that my sewing machine has some limits in how much fabric I can put under the needle and still have it function somewhat properly.  Turns out two towels + some fabric is a bit much, but I managed.  I also had a lot of fun coming up with the applique design for the rug as well.  I ♥ trees :)

I loved my new bath rug so much that I even went and got some bright colored towels to match to brighten up the bathroom a bit.  I think it looks pretty nice :)  I spent a lot of time at a few stores trying to decide if certain stuff would be cute in my bathroom and ended up just saying… “screw this, I bet the internet has WAY cuter stuff that I can make all by myself the way I want it…”  Low and behold, I found such a cute little tutorial :)  I hope one day I come up with a crafty tutorial to share with the world like this :)  Here is a quick pic of the bathroom with the mat in it.


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