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Knitting Stuff

Mom and I also knitted some things.  We made a number of trial and error fingerless gloves.  I managed to learn me a thing or two about knitting with two circular needles (its pretty cool actually) and now I have some cute gloves to wear while I work on my Wacom Cintiq at work!  It’s a monitor you can draw on, and it can get warm throughout the day.  I like to have some sort of sleeve or glove on so my hand doesn’t get stuck to it while I to draw.  I was using cut up socks before, but now…BEHOLD…the awesome fingerless gloves :)


And I also started this interesting pillow that I saw on a pattern with the yarn.  The yarn is SUPER soft and the first thing I imagined was laying my head on the softness of that yarn.  In progress, but close to being done…my knitted pillow!


Apple Cozy for Momma

My Mom is learning a lot about sustainable living and I love to talk to her about all that stuff.  And I also believe that sustainable living goes hand and hand with maintaining a healthy body and mind.  So…I decided to make my Mom an Apple Cozy Crochet for her birthday this year!  That way she can always have a cute excuse to bring a healthy snack with here everywhere she goes!  I am going to make one for myself soon :P

The pattern was originally designed by Theresa Grant.  You can see more of her cozies in her Etsy shop here.  I use Ravelry and found her design and pattern on there as well.

Little Bear

Since we were really busy working OT at work lately I hadn’t done a whole lot of crafting.  But we are finally back  on our normal sane schedule again and I ended up starting a few things up again.

One of my friends from work asked me if I could make a little crocheted teddy bear for his mother for her birthday coming up at the end of this month.  He found a picture of a crocheted bear he liked, but thought the body was too small, so asked me to combine the bear head with another crocheted bunny’s body.

The original patterns for the bear and the bunny were created by Ana Paula.  I didn’t follow the patterns exactly, and modified the number of rows in many of the pieces, but I thought it turned out pretty good regardless :)  I hope my friend’s mom likes it!!


Cute little dude :)

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