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Giving Cheese A Bath

So our friend Cheese is a street dog, but a very sweet street dog.  Say that 5 times fast.  Anyway, Cheese loves to sleep under the restaraunt tables next to our feet while we work on the computer or have meals.  Lately the Cheese has been getting a bit buggy and scratchy.  He attracts little black flies which then come after our ankles.  So we decided to give the Cheese a bath in the river to get rid of some of those bugs.  And by bath I mean we basically chucked him in the river.  Here is Marc giving the Cheese a bath.  I added the flies in for effect.

You Know You Are In Guatemala When…

…The signs on the way to the Tikal Ruins repeatedly warn you of animal crossings.  When I say repeatedly, I mean every 200 meters on the 7km stretch of road.  We counted a total of 5 different animal crossing signs and for how many there were you would think we might have seen at least a couple, I think they come around in the mornings and evenings.

Beware of the elusive wild pizotes, deer, turkeys, snakes, and jaguars!

Top 5 Upgrades We Made To Our Car Before Our Road Trip Through Mexico

After we decided to take our car across the border to Mexico we felt it necessary to upgrade a few things to make our 99′ Honda Civic not only inconspicuous, but safe, and as thief proof as possible. Here are the top 5 upgrades we made before hitting the road.

5. Tinted Windows

Just dark enough to appear mysterious and obscure the contents of our car. Since you shouldn’t be driving at night visibility in the dark is not a concern. Make sure you follow state guidelines when you return home as limo tints are illegal and generally unnecessary, unless you’re a gangster.

4. Kill Switch

If someone manages to break in the car, AND disable the car alarm, the car will not be able to start unless a secret and well hidden switch is disabled. This switch cuts the connection between the ignition and the starter motor at the source preventing a would be thief from stealing the car. A well trained car thief will be on the look out for the switch, but if it’s hidden well enough the time spent searching for it makes it too risky to hang around and find it’s hiding place.

3. After Market Car Alarm

This alarm comes with a pager that alerts us with a high pitched beep if anyone bumps into the car, rocks it, opens any of the doors, or breaks a window. The range of the transmitter is about 300 feet which makes it very useful when staying at hostels or hotels. Though sometimes the car will get lonely and sound the alarm just for fun, and other times the pager will actually play us a little song! For real.

2. Disabling the Drivers Side Trunk Release

We store all our camping, cooking, and other gear in the trunk which used to be accessible from the drivers side trunk release switch. By removing the lock and turning the switch to the off position and replacing the inoperable lock a would be thief will not be able to access the trunk without the original key. We leave the car completely empty so even if they manage to break in, they will not be able to steal anything.

1. Rosary

Last but not least, we “installed” a rosary on the rear view mirror to blend in with the mostly Catholic populace of Mexico. Generally, I find anything hanging in front of the windshield obtrusive and dangerous, but so far not one foul deed has befallen our car. As an extra feature Jesus dances when we turn the sub woofer up!

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