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More Mandala Painting, Costa Rica Style

Pura Vida!

After getting into Puerto Viejo, we noticed that Rocking J’s was covered in mosaic and painted art so we inquired about doing another painting somewhere in the hostel in exchange for them letting us pitch our tent for free.  The bar owner, Gabriel was excited to have another artist contribute to the hostel and invited us in with open arms.

We stayed for 5 or so nights while I painted a large mandala mural just above and to the right of the main reception area.  I was thrilled to be painting such a large area that I knew a lot of people would be able to see and enjoy the work.

Everyone there loved it and I had a great time painting it.  Here is the finished mural.

And here are some work in progress pictures.  Behind the white is a sun that was painted by two separate artists that never finished their work.  3rd time’s a charm!  And yes, I had to sit and stand on top of a refrigerator while I painted :)  Steve also helped me paint the upper left corner as I couldn’t reach.

Donkey Murals at Hostel Surfing Donkey

After arriving in San Juan del Sur at Hostel Surfing Donkey, we noticed the walls were a bit lacking and needed a bit of an artists touch.  After talking to the owner of the hostel, she agreed to allow us to do a bit of painting on the front of the hostel to help draw travelers in. We agreed that I would paint the door and a logo on the front of the hostel and Steve would paint a sign directing arriving travelers toward the bar area which was also the reception.  We both came up with some terrific ideas and were glad to spruce the hostel up a bit with our art.

The door posed a special challenge as there were lots of thin metal bars that ran vertically and horizontally all over the door, so I had to paint around and on top of them to give the illusion of a flat surface.  I think it turned out pretty good and Steve’s sing came out fantastic.  I love his donkey mask style :)

Car Painting Update

Ok, so I haven’t really been keeping up with painting the car…I am only on Copper Canyon!  And actually the three unfinished paintings in the photo got ruined by the rain in Guatemala, so I need to redo them, but here is a small update of what the car looks like so far.  Have a lot of work ahead of me, but I will get it done eventually! :)

Mandala Mural in El Retiro Lodge

During our extended stay in Lanquin, Guatemala I was asked to paint a mural in one of the bar bathrooms at the restaurant in El Retiro.  It took about a week to paint the entire mural and an additional day spent drawing up my idea for the bathroom.  I had originally wanted to paint a cow skull in the middle where the toucans now are, but was asked to change it for superstitious reasons.  No harm done, I just switched it up a bit.  Now that the mural is done I am being asked to stay longer to paint the other bathroom stall right next door to this one.  I said if I could paint the cow skull then sure why not.  I guess we will see if we stay longer in Lanquin or if we decide to continue our journey!  Stay tuned for more updates in Traveling Art.

The drawing and an in progress picture…and below is the finished mural!

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