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Sharks Cove Snorkeling

While consulting a very awesome Oahu guidebook about the islands top snorkeling hot spots, we came across an intriguing area in the north shore area called Sharks Cove, supposedly one of the greatest snorkeling spots on the island.  As part of our day trip hoping around the island in our rented Jeep Wrangler, we stopped and got a chance to test out our new snorkeling gear, masks, and fins.  We actually beat a rain storm that was overhead of us on the way to the cove and we crossed our fingers as we neared it to get a chance to enjoy our activities.  Low and behold, we made it.  It sprinkled on us just a tiny bit, but other than that it was perfect.  There was another family there as well, we guessed from Israel (based on their language).  I managed to snap this shot of the cove, with the mother and her son, before we headed out ourselves.

And here is Steve looking awesome in his snorkel gear!

I just WISH I had an underwater enclosure for my camera.  Although…there wasn’t a whole lot to see at Sharks Cove, but there were still some exotic fish, sea urchins, a bit of coral, and a huge yellow (what seemed to be) angel fish!  There were also large schools of fish swimming around!  I could have reached out and touched them if I wanted…but I didn’t want to scare them away.

Our next stop was a secret spot we read about in our Oahu Revealed book…a place only to be ventured with a 4×4 vehicle…which is why we rented one :P

Manoa Falls Hiking Trail

On our third day of our vacation in Oahu we planned an entire day of just doing whatever we thought would be fun outside of Waikiki.  Don’t get me wrong, the beaches at Waikiki are awesome, the drinks are strong, and the vibe is cool…but it is very VERY touristy.  Shopping at every corner, more restaurants with too similar menus than you can count, and a LOT of people. Everywhere.

Our first stop for the day was a trip to Manoa Falls, a short Novice to Intermediate hiking trail, about 1 mile long.  We completed the entirety of it in about 1.5 hours and the visuals of this lush rain forest of Oahu were just stunning.  Here are a few photos of the trail up to the falls, including large canopy trees, bamboo, and everything in between.

The falls were actually a bit of a disapointment, but according to the small brochure we recieved from the parking agent, the falls dont produce a lot of water durring the summer months.  They are more active during the rainy months.  But it was still a really nice hike.  It was extremely humid, I was sweating pretty fierce, but we had a lot of fun.

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