On Our Way Back to the USA, We Met Some Aliens!

It’s been a long time since we posted anything about our Mexico and Central America trip and that’s because we have been busy doing a lot of driving heading back home to the states.  We stopped at a few places to say hi to some friends throughout the countries we visited and then finally crossed the Mexican/US border at Mc Allen, TX before heading up through there to visit some family.

On our way back toward California, we stopped at Roswell, NM to see if we could find some aliens.  Roswell is pretty dead and there were lots of places closed or out of business, but it still had a few things to offer for the UFO buffs out there.

One of the first places we visited was a little gift shop/black light museum which had a lot of chintzy little things to buy and a small little walk through “museum” filled with paintings and black light sculptures.  It was cool to walk through and talk with the shop owner afterwards.

We were then on our way to check out the official UFO Museum, but after reading reviews online about how people saw better displays at 4th grade science fairs and wishing they would have gotten that hour of their life back, we decided to skip it and head to another gift shop.

This particular shop had a bizarre 50’s style diner with some alien manaquins set up inside.  It was pretty creepy but great for some photos.

Overall Roswell was at least interesting to check out.  I don’t think we would have chosen to go there on our own, but just decided to see what it was all about since we were passing through on our way toward California.  If you want a true UFO experience, you might want to look into some other places, but if you have an hour or so if you are passing through, check it out.

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  1. Jody Kick Says:

    What were you discussing with the Alien ? Coke vs. Pepsi and Ford vs. Chevy ? Sounds like a campy little tourist town and I so want to go there ! As always I send my Love and my Wishes for your continued safe travels…MOM

  2. thepulkin Says:

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