More Mandala Painting, Costa Rica Style

Pura Vida!

After getting into Puerto Viejo, we noticed that Rocking J’s was covered in mosaic and painted art so we inquired about doing another painting somewhere in the hostel in exchange for them letting us pitch our tent for free.  The bar owner, Gabriel was excited to have another artist contribute to the hostel and invited us in with open arms.

We stayed for 5 or so nights while I painted a large mandala mural just above and to the right of the main reception area.  I was thrilled to be painting such a large area that I knew a lot of people would be able to see and enjoy the work.

Everyone there loved it and I had a great time painting it.  Here is the finished mural.

And here are some work in progress pictures.  Behind the white is a sun that was painted by two separate artists that never finished their work.  3rd time’s a charm!  And yes, I had to sit and stand on top of a refrigerator while I painted :)  Steve also helped me paint the upper left corner as I couldn’t reach.

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  1. » Blog Archive » Pura Vida en Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Says:

    […] Unfortunately, during the first evening, we ventured out into town to get a snack and ended up getting food poisoning from it. We were out of commission for 2 days and still weren’t back to 100% by the time we finally left later on. After we felt better, we managed to have a really great time checking out the town, going to the beach which was only a few hundred feet away, and being artistic while I painted a mandala mural above the reception area. […]

  2. Jody Kick Says:

    Sorry to hear about the food poisoning…I was chatting with Steve when you were on the fridge and he said he was helping too. I take it no worries about OSHA down there LOL.

    The finished result is beautiful as always.

    Sending my Love to you…


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