Happy 27th Birthday, Alix!

Did you know 27 is my lucky number?  Neither did anyone else apparently.  But it is, so I have a feeling this is going to be a great year, and we definitely got it started off right.

Steve got me a few small but great gifts while we were in San Juan del Sur which consisted of a bottle of Flor de Caña, a certificate for a 1 hour massage, a chocolate bar, and a caramel birthday cake.  Then while I was out getting a wonderful massage, he and Mark set off into town to gather some fixin’s for what turned out to be an amazingly delicious BBQ.  We had a pool party BBQ and drank ourselves stupid, there was even some skinny dipping!  WOO HOO!

Thanks to my wonderfully sweet fiance, our good friend Mark, and a new friend and great guy Troy, I had a wonderful birthday I will never forget.  Thanks guys!

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  1. Marti Says:

    Wow–certainly a hard act to follow for future birthdays, but then, you never know–how awesome–! It all looked wonderfully yummy!

    Love you, mom

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