Mandala Mural in El Retiro Lodge

During our extended stay in Lanquin, Guatemala I was asked to paint a mural in one of the bar bathrooms at the restaurant in El Retiro.  It took about a week to paint the entire mural and an additional day spent drawing up my idea for the bathroom.  I had originally wanted to paint a cow skull in the middle where the toucans now are, but was asked to change it for superstitious reasons.  No harm done, I just switched it up a bit.  Now that the mural is done I am being asked to stay longer to paint the other bathroom stall right next door to this one.  I said if I could paint the cow skull then sure why not.  I guess we will see if we stay longer in Lanquin or if we decide to continue our journey!  Stay tuned for more updates in Traveling Art.

The drawing and an in progress picture…and below is the finished mural!

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  1. Marti Says:

    Wow, oh WOW! It’s so so beautiful! I didn’t realize it was going to be so large! No wonder they want the other one done–everyone will want your bano if you don’t paint the other one!!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Dave Says:

    OH MY LORD… What an amazing mural. Everyone who goes to that bano is really going to enjoy their stay. Hope the aroma doesn’t melt the paint…HAHA You are some amazing artista Alix!!!!


  3. Eddie Gilbert Says:

    This is awesome!!!
    great work, hope you guys are great!

  4. Jody Kick Says:

    Amazing !!! I think that room should now be called The Royal Flush !

  5. Marti Says:

    Jody, you should become a sitcom writer! LOL!

  6. kim possible Says:


    what an amazing and talented artist you are !!! Beautiful piece !!!

    I want to talk to you about selling some of your things in my store…

    Are you still at the surfing donkey?


  7. Jane Slark-Perez Says:

    Stumbled upon your website through “Brew Revolution” – used to live in El Tunco for a bit. Great articles. I take it that you are bartering your way through your art and I think that is fabulous! Your art is wonderful – I assume to have been to Concepcion de Ataco – this would really be a village up your street! My blog has some posts about it – murals absolutely everywhere. I admire the adventure you are on – so cool!

  8. Alix Says:

    Thanks for your kind words! We loved El Tunco and the beer! Glad to hear you enjoy our posts :) I’ll definitely check out your blog too!

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