You Know You Are In Guatemala When…

…The signs on the way to the Tikal Ruins repeatedly warn you of animal crossings.  When I say repeatedly, I mean every 200 meters on the 7km stretch of road.  We counted a total of 5 different animal crossing signs and for how many there were you would think we might have seen at least a couple, I think they come around in the mornings and evenings.

Beware of the elusive wild pizotes, deer, turkeys, snakes, and jaguars!

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  1. Dave the Gimp Dad Says:

    Hi Kids… Those pictures of the Tikal ruins are really cool. That shot of the tops of the pyramids poking out of the jungle definitely reminds me of a scene from one of the Indiana Jones movies. I love those little husky ants carrying those large leaves…man they sure are stronger then my gimpy leg is HAHAHA.. Anyway, I hope you guys are safe and sound and having a great time.

    Love you both…


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