New Dotwork Wing Tattoo

So I recently got a new tattoo that I am really excited about :D

I have known what I wanted to get for a while and decided to do some research on some local tattoo artists who could match the dotwork tattoo style I was looking for.  Luckily I was able to find someone in San Diego who was known for her dotwork and new tribal style work.  I met Gemma Pariente at Full Circle Tattoo in San Diego.

I love it :)  It is a wing-like tattoo and it reminds me that the sky is the limit.  I initially designed it myself based off of a tattoo I saw in a book called “Black Tattoo Art” but I was open to having Gemma take a stab at the design.   She ended up making a beautiful rendition of what I was looking for and I went ahead and got it done.  She had a lot of good ideas and I ended up choosing this one.

I highly recommend Full Circle Tattoo and their artists there.  Everyone was friendly and awesome and I will hopefully be going back to have another tattoo designed by Gemma in the future :)

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