The Hobbiton Movie Set!

Ok, I am going to apologize in advance for this post.  Since the Hobbiton movie sets were being rebuilt for the new movie, everyone had to sign an NDA saying we couldn’t post any pics or video online whatsoever otherwise they would sue us.  So I have very few pictures of the experience, BUT I am totally fine with sharing the photos to those who can come over and view them with us.  Sorry family/friends who can’t get over here, you’ll just have to wait for the movie to come out!

Our next destination was the town of Matamata and visiting Hobbiton!  We were both pretty excited about this tour, but Steve was thrilled!  We got on a bus after parking in tow town center and started heading off into the countryside to get to Hobbiton.  the entire set was visually concealed from any main roads and the Hobbiton Tour group had exclusive rights to take people onto the set.  In fact, we were told by the guides that even they were surprised at the fact that the movie company was even still allowing tours onto the sets so close to them finishing the sets and beginning filming.  They said they might have to close down the tours at any time so they could begin filming so we were lucky we got there when we did.  Another thing that made it really lucky was the fact that all the sets had originally been stripped down after the original movies were made as they thought they were no longer needed.  So for some time all the tour was were large holes in side of hills.  We even heard an account from another traveler prior to coming to New Zealand that they regretted spending the money just to see a bunch of holes in the ground.  Luckily for us we got to see everything completely rebuilt to look exactly like they were supposed to in the movie and also some new sets as well!  I got tons of photos and even some video as well, Steve ran around in the party field under the party tree.  The only photo I think I can show that wont piss anyone off is this one of the sign when we arrived and another of us jumping up in front of the party tree, as there are no sets you can see in the picture.

I’ll make another post when the movie comes out with some of the pictures I got later down the road.

After touring the sets, we headed back over to this small barn near the set entrance and they showed everyone how a sheep was sheered and we also got to feed some baby lambs.  I took a video of the entire sheep sheering process and you can hear Steve laughing pretty hysterically for some unknown reason the entire time, haha.  But here are some pics of the sheep sheering experience.  The first is a funny picture of a sheep looking through the crack in the door awaiting his sheered doom and the other is me attempting to get a picture with a lamb, but he was camera shy.

After Hobbiton it was off to the small town, or area I should say, of Waitomo.  See you tomorrow!

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