Embroidery Experimentation

I have been seeing lots of inspiring little embroidery things online and decided to give it a shot by myself.  First I had a go with some freehand writing and other little embellishments on this little motivator I made.  It turned out ok, I think I want to make it again but with different colors and fabrics and stuff.


It seems too dark to me.  After realizing I pretty much only had 8 colors of embroidery floss which mostly consisted of hot pink, black, bright greens and a few browns, I decided to go to the store and build a small library of colors to work with in the future.  It was fun picking out some colors and sorting them into this handy container.


And I was so excited about all my new floss that I had to make something right away.  I found a cool image of a machine embroidered mandala online and decided to make one of my own.  This is the mandala in the works with all my floss too…


…And here is the finished mandala :)


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  1. Marti Says:

    Hey there hon–you sure make your pics and stories worth waiting for, even if you do wait to post pics! I wonder how many more crafts you are going to try before you’re–uh–30! There are so many cool things out there, and you can keep crafting alive with your efforts!

    love you!

  2. Miranda Says:

    Where did u find this pattern what stitch did u use! Thanks for posting this amazing piece

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