Catalina Island Camping

I am pretty lazy about remembering to blog about something right away these days.  But about 2 weekends ago me, and a few of my friends from work went camping on Catalina Island!  Unfortunately Steve was out of town and wasn’t able to go, but we may just have to go back because the trip was absolutely awesome to epic proportions.

First we spent a Friday driving up to Dana Point where we caught the Catalina Express over to the island.   The first epic thing to happen was that we saw about a hundred or so dolphins in the water just before we got to the island!  The captain went on the intercom to let everyone know and then he did a few circles out in the water so the dolphins could catch the waves from the boat before we docked at Avalon.  You can see a little baby with his mama near the bottom.


When we arrived we had a crap ton of stuff…way too much stuff to carry to our campsite which was about a mile walk away from the docks.  We know now next time what to bring and not to bring :)  Anyway, we rented a golf cart for about 3 hours, hauled our stuff to the campsite and took off in the cart to tour the town of Avalon.  It was pretty cool, I forgot my camera during the mini tour, but oh well.  This is a picture of Carson who made a seat out of the grill at the campsite.  He then proceeded to immediately consume beer .


After we set up camp we decided to grab our snorkeling gear and take the cart back to turn it in before heading to Lover’s Cove for some snorkeling!  It was pretty awesome.  Here is a picture of some of the fish we saw.  Apparently the orange ones are California’s state fish…I don’t know what they are called though.  The underwater pictures were taken with Taylor’s camera.  He had an underwater enclosure for it…really cool!


There are a ton more pics of snorkeling here, but this was just the first day :)  After snorkeling we proceeded to the nearest cantina to get some nachos and margarita bowls!  Catalina Island…at least in the Avalon area reminded me a lot of Hawaii.  They even had some of the Hawaiian type flowers.


Then later we returned to the campsite, but along the way I had to snag a picture of the Mystery Machine!


To wind down we played some cards and continued to drink throughout the night.  It turned out to be a huge giggle fest because we got really drunk and just had lots of fun goofing around.

The next morning we wanted to go check out the snorkeling again to see if it was any different in the morning as opposed to the evening.  There were a TON more fish.  We also decided to bring some beer and some awesome inner tube floaties Taylor got for all of us so we could float out in the water when we got tired of snorkeling.  It was awesome here are some pics to prove it.


And here is Kacey and I getting our tubes ready for the water.


Here is a picture of the cove looking toward Avalon.


After snorkeling we needed to head back toward the docks to meet up with Taylor and Carson’s sister, Shelly, who was meeting us for a night of camping!  She was really cool and we all then proceeded to the”drinking beach” where the bartenders made us some ridiculously strong drinks for a few hours.  Here is Shelly and I at our beach table.  It’s kinda blurry.


Notice the sunburn haha.  We all got a little fried, but the alcohol helped us feel better.  Then the night ended with more food at the cantina and then dancing at a place called Chi Chi’s.  Somehow we all managed to get back to our campsite safely.

The day after we awoke with slight hangovers and started packing up.  We got all of our gear down into town and decided to just hang oround for a while until our boat left later that day.  Taylor rented a tandem bike and we all got to try riding that, which was really hard but fun.


Then we settled into a bar and had a few beers before getting on the boat for home.  On the ride home the sun set behind us and we got to see TONS of stars ebcause we were so far away from lit areas.  It was really awesome.  All in all, this camping trip was epic.  I wish Steve could have bene there, but I don’t think it would have been the same trip…which isn’t a bad thing, but I loved how it turned out regardless.  Can’t wait to go again!


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    Looks like you guys had a great time! I always have a ton of fun when I go there.

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