New handmade dining room look!

My fantastic mother came to visit me for labor day weekend and we had planned to do nothing more than cook good food, drink strong drinks, and craft the days away!  And we, in fact, did just that :)  One of the things we did was decide to spruce up the dining room a little bit.  There wasn’t anything really wrong with it to begin with but, for example, the chair cushions were black.  I bought them that way thinking “oh it will go with anything…”  And even if they may, they don’t really go with anything once the cats sleep on them for a few days.  Cat hair central, let me tell you.

So what we did was take down a cute little picture I had hanging in the room by a cool dude named Scott C. (he is awesome and has worked on one of my favorite  video games, Psychonauts, and even signed another print I have in the room at Comicon two years ago!) and we brought it with us to the fabric store to see if we could find some cute stuff in the light neutral colors to match.  TA-DA!


Notice how One was magnetically drawn to the new cushion and immediately started getting his furs all over it.  I think he thought he had to break them in.


My mom helped me figure out how to make the seat cushion covers.  We used some elastic so they are easily removable and washable.  I also picked out a few other fabrics for some reusable napkins and also a little place mat for the table center.  Here is a close of of the cushion.


And here is the table top with napkins and place mat thing.


These japanese bowls and plates were given to me years ago by my older sister when she used to live in Japan.  I thought they looked good on there for the photo op, oh and ignore the ominous recycling bin in the dirty window (long story).


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