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Monster Hat Complete!

A late night project completion!  Thanks to my friend for taknig the shot of me :)


Squirrel vs. Hummingbird

This is a video i took while me and mom were knitting in my backyard.  :)

Monster Hat WIP

One more crafty thing I am working on….Steve got me a plushie book for my birthday and I saw this monster hat in it and thought it was cute!  I ordered some safety eyes for it (waiting for those to come before I can keep working on it) and am in the process of putting it all together.  I am hand sewing it because the sewing machine just seems to bunch up the fur too much at the seams.  Check it out!  I’ll also post a pic when it is done.


Knitting Stuff

Mom and I also knitted some things.  We made a number of trial and error fingerless gloves.  I managed to learn me a thing or two about knitting with two circular needles (its pretty cool actually) and now I have some cute gloves to wear while I work on my Wacom Cintiq at work!  It’s a monitor you can draw on, and it can get warm throughout the day.  I like to have some sort of sleeve or glove on so my hand doesn’t get stuck to it while I to draw.  I was using cut up socks before, but now…BEHOLD…the awesome fingerless gloves :)


And I also started this interesting pillow that I saw on a pattern with the yarn.  The yarn is SUPER soft and the first thing I imagined was laying my head on the softness of that yarn.  In progress, but close to being done…my knitted pillow!


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