Goodbye Manti

I bought a 10 gallon aquarium tank and some plexiglass and created divisions in the tank for each of my 3 remaining mantis. I layered the bottom with potting soil and taped in some fake plants I bought at Michaels. Unfortunately the plexiglass didn’t go high enough and the mantis could squeeze into eachothers division so I had to tape some paper up there to keep them separated. They eventually all molted and grew wings and it was fun to let them out and let them fly around the house. One day I cam home and Zorak has squeezed his way into the home of the smallest mantis and had consumed him. All that was left was a single claw and his wings.


After I ran out of crickets I decided to let them go. It was sad to see them leave, but I knew it had to be done. Unfortunately a few days later we caught our cat One eating a large mantis in the yard. I fear it was one of the two I just released. I did however see the other mantis still prowling around so hopefully he’ll hang around, but won’t be dumb enough to get eaten by the cats.


See ya, Zorak! Ya jerk.


Bye Manty!

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