Cobra Detail

I had the Cobra detailed today while I was at work and I was so impressed with the results I took some pictures. I installed the remaining LEDs behind the HVAC controls but in the process I managed to mangle the center control bezel pretty bad. It was already in terrible shape and some of the screw holes cracked through the plastic. I’ll be looking for a replacement over the next few days. I also switched out the headlights for the refinished OEM ones to determine if the light scattering is caused by the after market lenses. I can barley see at night the scattering is so bad. I’m thinking about replacing the stock stereo soon and fixing the tweeters on the Mach system. They still sound ok, but their age is definitely apparent.


Someone peeled the weather stripping off that corner light. It seems like everyone is out to get me these days.


You can see where some jack ass hit the back bumper and then obviously neglected to leave a note.


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