RedlineGoods Shifter and E-Brake Boot

I read some good things about RedlineGoods shift boots on SVTP so I decided to order a new shift boot and ebrake boot to add a little extra to the interior of the cobra. The boots arrived quickly (from Poland) and are of the highest quality. All together I spent $69 shipped! Not bad for real leather.  You can get many different colors and styles, but I decided to stick with an all black interior. I followed the tutorial by SVTP board members Tabres and Dano (follow link to tutorial) and had the whole thing installed in a few hours. I had to buy a dremel tool and some velcro which was about $70 total but a great investment. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a dremel! The only hard part for me was getting the center cosole out of the car. You really have to have the ebrake pulled up very high in order to slide the whole thing out. After I had everything installed I noticed my foglight switch light isn’t working anymore. The lights still worked so it’s not really a big deal.


Stock boot and that blasted rubber sleeve


Yellow fizzy beer is for wussies!

The boots look and feel great. The cobra is finally starting to feel a little classy! Here is a link to RedLineGoods if you’re thinking about ordering a set. If you click this link you get 5% off your purchase and I get a little something too,  so what are you waiting for! They make boots for just about every car out there so take a look.

Up next is the SLP LM2 exhaust. Videos and pics to follow.

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