More Hawaiin Info

Steve and I are waiting on a few more pieces of media to share with everyone about our trip to Oahu.  We will be sharing some stuff about our surfing lessons and parasailing adventures when we can.

In the meantime I would also like to mention that I conquered one of my biggest fears this past Sunday in Oahu…SKYDIVING!!!  Since the videos and pictures were insanely expensive, we decided to just do it for the experience and HOLY CRAP was it insane!  It was so much fun!  I screamed bloody murder for the first few seconds because my tandem dude, Chad, and I jumped right into a cloud and I couldn’t see the ground and it freaked me out, but other than that it was AMAZING.  The view was beautiful and the experience just indescribable.  Now I can say I really have touched the sky :)  Oh man…

Also, on the 4th of July, Steve surprised me with a Hawaiian cruise on the Navatek boat just outside of Waikiki.  There was an amazing fireworks display off the shore and we had front row seats to it right on the water!  Lots of free drinks, a lobster and steak dinner, and good times :)  I got to dress up too!

Other than waiting for a few more bits of media to share, we made it home safely and were greeted to two kitties waiting for their dinner :P  I wanted to share a few more pics that I managed to snap along the way.  The lifeguard stand on Waikiki and the Hawaiian Palm trees  (Steve took this one).o

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