SCUBA Diving in Oahu

When Steve told me about our trip (at the time It was unknown to me of our destination) the only thing he said we had to do was learn how to SCUBA dive before we went.  Long story short, he slipped and accidentally told me where we were going, but still managed to keep all of his pre-planned activities (aside from diving) a secret.  We didn’t manage to get any sort of diving certification or experience before we came to Hawaii, but Steve found a great SCUBA Diving and Watersports Center called Aqua Zone that spent about an hour teaching us on land the diving basics, then put on all of our gear and stuck us in a hotel pool where we practiced using our regulators, masks, and hand signals for communicating under water with our instructor.  I have to admit that after the pool exercises I was a bit nervous to go out into the actual ocean and dive.  But I am glad I didn’t chicken out.  2 out of the 10 people who signed up did :P  Here is a picture of me in the pool.  Oh and just a heads up, our instructor, Greg, took all of the photos of us diving.  If  Steve and I do more diving in the future I might invest in a waterproof enclosure for my camera…but they are mighty expensive.  For now, these turned out great!

Greg was a cool dude, really chill and laid back.  He made the entirety of diving seem more fun than anything else.  Even though I was a bit nervous I kept thinking…if this guy can do it (and does it 5 times a week) then I can do it too.  After being driven to the docks near Maunalua Bay we set out on the boat for about 10 minutes and then geared up in wetsuits and all for our dive.  At first, we thought we were only going to dive one spot, but we ended up diving in two areas!

Fishies! We just held this underwater rock and the fishies loved it.

We stayed under for about 30 minutes each spot.  We saw a lot of fish on the first dive, but the second one was the coolest because we got to swim with TURTLES!!!  We also saw eels and the fish just swam right around us. Check us out!

TURTLES! We saw about 4 total on our second dive.

This turtle had some sort of tumor on his face. Poor guy :(

SCUBA Diving was probably the most amazing thing I have done in my life so far.  Just spectacular.  I can’t wait to try out some dives in San Diego.  Greg told us he originally lived in San Diego then moved to Hawaii about 5 years ago.  He said there were some pretty neat dive spots in San Diego that we could check out.  We had a blast.  We didn’t want to come up out of the water!  Can’t air tanks just last forever please?

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