Horseback Riding at the Kahuku Kai Ranch

So far with everything Steve and I have done in Oahu, we have gone with our gut instincts on the activities we chose to do and with whom.  For example, Steve and I took some surfing lessons on the Waikiki beach.  We were just strolling along and noticed a lot of little areas along the beach where you could pay for an hour of surfing lessons.  We stumbled across a really cool hang loose bunch of surfer dudes who taught us how to have the time of our life catching waves in the ocean.  The little hand painted “Learn to Surf” sign sitting in the sand was anything but fancy, but had that sort of inviting charm you see that sparks that sense of adventure within you.  We seemed  to have the luck of the draw when it came to choosing our activities from people who loved what they did and loved meeting new faces of those looking for something new and exciting.

And that’s exactly how we felt when we called the number for the Kahuku Kai Ranch.  It seemed to be singularly operated by a woman named Linda.  We found her information in the Oahu Revealed book and chose her ranch for horse back riding because it was described as being the only on-beach ride on the island.  We gave her a call and set up a time to go riding.  She was really nice and told us what we needed to bring and what to wear, since we were both novice riders.  I personally have never ridden a horse in my life (until now), but Steve had when he was younger.

When we arived at the ranch, is seemed very homey.  It looked a bit rugged, but still very inviting and unique.  We were given a quick overview on how to handle the horses.  I seemed to get the hang of it very easily.  The horse I rode was very responsive and friendly.  Steve’s horse seemed to be a little bit on the wild side, but was still very tame and he seemed to be able to ride him well.  Here is a picture of the ranch.

Kahuku Kai Ranch

The actual ride was beautiful.  The sun was starting to set and we rode along the beach even in the water at some times.  The scenery was just stunning.  We were also able to stop and have a quick photo shoot near the end of the trail with the ocean behind us.  I am glad we got to ride along the ocean.It was wonderful.  Very peaceful and fun.  There was another couple with us as well.  The guy actually proposed to his girlfriend on the ride!  It was really cool :)  She said yes of course.  There was also a little pony that followed us along the way.  The other girl with us was riding on the pony’s mother.  It was cute watching him run ahead and hop around and play.If you are ever in Oahu and want to ride horses along the Hawaiin beach, this is the place to do it. :)

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  1. Maya Says:

    Read your blog and had a similarly pleasant experience there. Would highly recommend Kahuku Kai horseback riding on the beach any day! Thanks for posting your blog. It helped with our decision making.

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