Hidden Beach

Our travel book about Oahu told us of a secret hidden beach on the island.  We read the snippet about the beach in the book before even going on vacation and it recommended renting a 4×4 vehicle in order to get to the beach.  We did.  And it was awesome.

The highway that lead to the beach (the 930) ended near the coastline of the far west tip of the north shore was long and narrow, but ended with a dirt road that extended all the way out to the farthest edge of the island.  We began to count the 15 telephone poles past the metal gate until we reached pole number 196.  The road couldn’t even be considered a road.  There is NO WAY any non-4×4 vehicle could have survived that road.  It was a BLAST riding that Wrangler on that roller coaster of rocky sandy trenchy path.  We finally reached the hidden beach just before sunset and got a few photos.o

After the sun went down, we hung out on the beach for a bit.  And since we seemed to be the only ones anywhere around, we decided toss off our materialistic skin coverings and roll around on the beach, listening to the waves and seeing the moon and stars above us in the Hawaiian sky.  

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