Mantis Videos

By Steve

We let the two mature manti out of their containers to dramatically stare each other down. It was really fun watching though we were afraid they would attack each other. The larger mantis in the foreground started backing away slowly as soon as the little one turned it’s head and noticed it was being watched. Alix used her new camera to film the event which looks amazing in 1080P which we can’t host on youtube or flickr right now. We are hoping to get that up and running soon on our web server.

We took one more video of the mantis eating which is just creepy. Be sure to click the HD so you don’t miss out on the HIGH DEFINITION CARNAGE! Enjoy!

Look! It’s head is gone and it’s still kickin’! Next update will include videos of the hunt. I started a small cricket farm in the old terrarium so there is plenty of cannon fodder for the camera.

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