Quick Garden Update

Just a really quick garden update for those of you interested.  I planted a few more veggies including some carrots, more radish, green beans, and I am trying a broccoli plant as well.  The seed packet for the broccoli said I can plant them directly in the ground after the first frost (well past that now), so we will see if it grows.

I also had a tomato plant that had almost all of its leaves curling in on themselves…it looked really sickly next to the other three tomato plants…Steve went online while I was gardening today and found out that it had a in-curable virus…so I yanked it from the ground and decided to plant some green beans in place of it.  No real loss there, I have three other perfectly healthy tomato plants :)

Oh and most of the lettuce I planted in the spring is gone.  Most of it was pulled out and never used…mainly because they tasted nasty.  Really bitter.  Not because they bolted to seed (some of them did rather quickly though) but because they were just…….weirdo looking and tasting lettuce.  Weirdo lettuce I am telling you.  I am still experimenting in the lettuce department to find a good salad lettuce…granted I haven’t done a whole lot of research either, but that’s what i get I guess :)

Like I said, a quick update.  Until next time! ♥

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