First Tomato Harvest

So my dad came to visit (along with some more of my family) this past weekend and I was showing him my garden when he just spontaneously plucked a cherry tomato from my plant and ate it!  Apparently they were ripe and ready to eat!  Since they were still a bit orangish/yellow in color, I thought they had a bit more time to ripen…but not these little dudes.  They were ready for noms.  I made about 3 salads with the first small harvest of cherry tomatoes.  Yum!  There are a lot more growing out there, so I will be able to taste their deliciousness for many lunches to come.

I also found a few small strawberries and one of the large tomatoes was ripe as well.  That was used for one of Steve’s sandwiches.

As far as the rest of the garden goes…things are growing well.  The herb garden is doing REALLY well.  The cilantro has exploded!  And I somehow managed to save the oregano (it wasn’t doing well before).  The Basil is delicious, and everything is well in the garden area of life :)  I’m still learning a lot, I already made a few small mistakes, but my skills are getting better :)  More updates to come!

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