Apple Cozy for Momma

My Mom is learning a lot about sustainable living and I love to talk to her about all that stuff.  And I also believe that sustainable living goes hand and hand with maintaining a healthy body and mind.  So…I decided to make my Mom an Apple Cozy Crochet for her birthday this year!  That way she can always have a cute excuse to bring a healthy snack with here everywhere she goes!  I am going to make one for myself soon :P

The pattern was originally designed by Theresa Grant.  You can see more of her cozies in her Etsy shop here.  I use Ravelry and found her design and pattern on there as well.

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  1. Marti Says:

    Yes, Momma loves her apple cozy and at the beautiful green apple it cozes! And I took an even better picture of the cozy, with a rather beautiful background. I will email it to its owner later today!

    xoxoxo momma

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