Getting the Garden Ready for 2009!

Busy, busy, BUSY!!!  I only had one day off this past weekend so I scurried around the back yard trying to get things ready for my vegetable garden this year.  I had a long list of things to do.  I went to a local small business nursery called City Farmers Nursery and got some more compost for the soil in the bed, some organic potting soil for some other things I wanted to plant, and some organic seeds.  There were some other plants that I had in the back yard that I had accumulated over the past month that also needed planting.  I still haven’t gotten to many of these yet, but here is a quick pic of a few thigns I got at the nursery:whattoplant

There are some strawberries in there, a sweet potato plant, some brussel sprouts, parsly, and some other flowers for the front porch.  I got around to planting those:

And then I got to work on moving my garden.  Last year I planted my container garden too close to the fence.  So about half the plants didn’t get the same number of hours of sunlight as the rest and didn’t grow as well.  So I had to dig out all of the soil, place it to the side, move the wooden container and place it more in the middle of the yard to get the most sun.

porchplanter movinggarden

While I was trying to accomplish this I ran into a small obstacle.


They found their way into my leftover bag of peat moss in the shed.  They also had another colony inside the soil of my garden.  I had to create a mixture of dish soup and water to spray on them to kill them.  THEN I did some research on-line and found out you can sprinkle cayenne pepper or cinnamon around areas where you don’t want ants.  I sprinkled both spiced all around the shed (in case I store more dirt in there) and also along the outer base of the garden container AND on the lip of the container:

ceyannepepper spiderforlunch

I was also hoping this guy up here would be hungry enough to help me with my ant problem.

After all of that was taken care of I put the soil back into my container.


Woo hoo!  All ready for planting next weekend!  I made sure o add in the compost I got at the nursery to add some fresh organic matter.  I also checked the pH of my soil and it read about 6.0.  Not to bad, the veggies I am growing need to be between a pH of 5.5-7.0 anyway.

And finally, here are some shots of some bulbs that are coming up on the old squash container that i planted last year.  My mom gave these bulbs to me a LONG while ago and I finally planted them and here they are!  I believe I planted more than these, but they may be different flowers and are waiting until it’s warmer?

bulbplant bulbplantclose

Sometime this week i will be planting peppers, onions, and brocolli (i think) indoors for transplant in 6-8 weeks!  I’ll update more when the planting begins.

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