Day 9

January 6th 2009 – 9:35pm

Almost done!  Today was a bit hard.  I wanted to eat something so bad today.  I think I just really miss the ritual of eating and especially cooking.  I spent about an hour tonight going through some cook books and creating a healthy veggie rich menu plan for the next 2 weeks.  We will be going food shopping this Friday to stock up.   I can’t wait to try some of these new healthy recipes!

I packed my boyfriend some easy-on-the-tummy snacks today.  Some brown rice cakes, cut up fruit, and broccoli with some artichoke Parmesan dressing to dip them in.  I’m glad he is feeling better.  I think the acidity in the lemonade was really starting to wear him down.  So I am glad he decided to ease off the cleanse.  He even went out to get a sub sandwich with some co-workers, and saved some for his dinner.  I guess his appetite is coming back, so that’s a good thing.  He will be nice and ready for all my home cookin’!

Today was basically similar to yesterday symptom wise.  Woke up in the wee hours of the morning to go.  Its become routine now.  I thought I was a bit more cleaned out, but today’s movements yielded some more nasties.  I drank lots of lemonade to stave my growling stomach.  Others around me were eating at their desks all day and I could smell their food.  I think the smell just triggers my tummy to growl instinctively because it is empty.  I didn’t necessarily want their food though.  And looking through those cook books this evening had a similar effect. Mmm…tasty tasty food will be consumed soon.

So tomorrow is my last day and I have already prepared my lemonade for the day.  I am having my tea right now and will have my last cup of tea tomorrow morning.  Hooray!  No more upset stomachs leading to massive movements!  I was thinking about having some peppermint tea or some of my weightless cranberry tea tomorrow night as a treat since I won’t be drinking the smooth move tea.   Then the following day will be an orange juice/maple syrup drink and lots of water.  I’m going to experiment with the orange juice.  I may not even need to add the maple syrup, but I might just to keep my energy levels up.  The grade b maple syrup has more calories in it to keep me more energized (which is also why it is in the lemonade).  I’m excited to have a new taste in my mouth tomorrow besides the lemonade.

I think I am going to hit the sack a little early tonight.  I am also going to weigh myself tomorrow and see how much weight I lost….*gulp*  I know most of it will be water weight and I will gain some back because of that once I start eating, but it was nice to have an all-day flatter tummy for the past few days (:

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  1. Marti Says:

    Hi, hon,

    I’ve enjoyed so much reading each day’s cleanse adventures and thoughts. There are parts that are so funny (and informational–hehe)It is so great you both could do it together for so long–great job, Steve! I can’t believe the willpower this must take. Am also committed to making some eating changes–definitely more fruits, vegetables, and less sugar. I wish I had a bit more time to research some of this but will try to get it done in chunks to make menu changes on an ongoing basis. I sure think it would have been way harder to do this had you been working the whole time. I LOL when I read about stinky stalls….
    Take care, you two, and it would be nice if Jody, you and I shared good recipes!
    Love you all! mom

  2. arixness Says:

    Hi Mom! Thanks for your kind words (: I’m glad you are enjoying my blog! It’s nice to know that the family is making changes toward better health! I would love to post recipes and pictures of healthy dishes up here! I think I will start to do that (once I can eat again) I already made a menu plan for the next two weeks and some of the dishes sound delicious! I’ll keep you posted xoxox

  3. Jody Says:

    Delicious Dishes I think I feel a poem coming on ….

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