Day 10

January 7th 2009 – 9:35pm

Done Done and DONE!  Tonight marks my final evening of the master cleanse!  I have to admit that I have become used to the routine of lemonade, movements, and not eating.  I have even been able to prepare small meals for Steve without feeling tempted to nibble at all.  I suppose it would take this long on a fast to reach a point of satiety and content with ones goals.  I am very proud of myself :)

Today was, again, much of the same.  Although I didn’t feel nearly half as hungry today as I have felt the past two days at work.  I think I was getting used to it.  I made some orange juice with maple syrup for tomorrow and filled my Sigg bottle with it.  Tomorrow should be a similar day as I still wont be eating anything.

I really really REALLY can’t wait until I can cook some meals again!  I heated up some of Steve’s clam chowder and was able to resist it.  It sure smelled tasty though.  Damn MSG, why must you entice my senses so.

Also, as mentioned before, I did weigh in this morning to see how much weight I lost during the entirety of the cleanse.  I weighed in at 118 even before the cleanse and weighed in at 109.4 this morning!  Nearly 10 lbs gone!  I sure as heck feel great fitting into my jeans much more comfortably now :)  I am sure I will gain a few back but I am always trying to go off of how my clothes feel to make sure I am maintaining a comfortable and healthy weight.  109 sure feels good though, I haven’t weighed this light in ages.

I will go ahead and write down a quick menu plan for my ease-out phase of the master cleanse, for my own re-iteration and for anyone who may be curious:

Day 11:

  • 32oz Fresh squeezed orange juice with grade b maple syrup and water.  32oz of water.  Drink these all day.

Day 12:

  • B: Orange Juice and water
  • L: Vegetable Juice heated hot and eaten like soup (I wonder how this is going to taste…) and blueberry pomegranate juice during the day
  • D: Organic Miso soup

Day 13:

  • B: Orange Juice and water again
  • L: an apple or a banana
  • D: Homemade hot vegetable soup

Then I will resume normal eating on the days following the ease out.  I’m so excited to cook again!  I am going to begin posting in a new category called “Cooking & Recipes”  when it comes to healthy food experiments I might conduct.  I have a nice menu of meals I am going to try over the next few weeks and will love blabbing about them in my new category :)

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  1. Marti Says:

    Hi, hon,
    Well done! You are and should be very proud of yourself!!!!!!!!!
    Wow, 10 pounds. What a coup! I’d like to lose 10 pounds in 10 days but I’d probably faint and be super bitch if I did the master cleanse, tried to work and go to school–who knows.
    Can’t wait to see and try some of your recipes. Great job!
    Love, m

  2. Jody Says:

    I am proud of you too ! 109 way to go…I bet you keep it off especially if you eat healthy the way you are planning to. I liked that recipe. I am going to try it. That could be dinner for me. Mark will be away for a while so I can eat however I want. I have lost 6 pounds so far on the healthy plan I am doing.

    Love you,


  3. Dave Says:

    WooHoo!!!! Great job Hon.

    Mom just send me the URL because last night she was saying “Alix can finally cook again” and I was saying “WTF, I thought she could always cool…” Anyway, your master cleansing daily diary was very cool, very funny and very informative.

    I am going to start one myself tomorrow, Friday, 1/16/09 that I got from GNC. It is a 7 day one so I don’t think it’s the same as yours.

    Congratulations to you and Steve…

    Love ya,

  4. arixness Says:

    Thanks you guys! Your comments throughout my journey have been inspiring and loving! Good luck on all of your healthy ways! ♥

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