Day 8

January 5th 2009 – 10:45pm

Well we are almost done with the cleanse!  Unfortunately my boyfriend decided that his body couldn’t take it anymore and decided to break his fast tonight with some hot chocolate I got him for the holidays.  He was complaining about lots of gassy bloating and claimed he just couldn’t handle the lemonade anymore.  I have to admit that it is really acidic.  It burns my bum some days.  He had issues with a flaming rump all throughout the cleanse.  So hats off to him for at least making it this far!  It was a great accomplishment.  And although his original reasons for going on the cleanse were manifested from myself, he still stuck through it and gave it a great go.  He says he feels ‘cleansed’ so I guess that is the best he could hope for (:

I am still committed to the 10 day minimum.  Although I feel relatively cleansed, I think I just want to be sure.  And I also want to keep the promise I made myself about using this cleanse as a precursor to better health and I feel if I were to break it off early, it might create some bad ju-ju in the near future in terms of my nutrition.  I decided to continue to make the lemonade until I run out of lemons.  I believe I will have just enough to carry me through day 10 so that should work out perfectly.

As far as my daily symptoms go, I had a movement during the night and one in the afternoon.  It sucks to sit at work and think…”Oh crap, I think I gotta go…”  Then having to walk all the way to the restroom on a false alarm.  There is always cramping before a movement and you pretty much have to wait until its about to come out before you know anything will.  Its a hassle, but doable.  I did get a bit hungry today, but I believe that it was my mind so used to me eating at certain times of the day at work that sort of tricked me into thinking I was hungry.  The lemonade sure did a great job of staving of the hunger though.  There is at least once a week free food somewhere in our building, either leftover catering from a lunch meeting or something someone brought in to share (today someone left some rum cake outside the conference room).  These are hard to resist.  But knowing I have this cleanse set in stone helps.  I just can’t help wondering how much self control I will have after I am through with the cleanse.  I will just need to think positive and remember about my accomplishments and new found health (:

My tongue was much pinker this morning, but throughout the day it did get coated again.  I think the lemonade does it.  Either way I’m just glad to see it gone in the morning rather than having it 24/7.  Also, my period has gotten MUCH lighter.  I believe it should be over in the next day or so.  That’s a relief.  Oh and I had the most random craving for steamed brussel sprouts today.  That will definitely be one of the first things I eat (:  I am also looking forward to making a garlic lemon pepper talapia dish next week as well. Mmmm…

Onward to day 9!  Almost there!  I can almost taste the orange juice!

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  1. Jody Says:

    Well I have to say I am very proud of you Alix. Way to go. Your blog is a very enjoyable read ,even with the “gross” parts. I am a little concerned about Steve. You have to be really careful when breaking a fast or you can do more harm than good. Not sure hot chocolate was the best thing. How is he felling now?
    Mark and I did the 3 day Perricone Prescription food plan. Lots of salmon, vegetables, fruit, no bread or sugar. We felt so good that we are still sticking to the food plan. We have each lost about five pounds and actually think we are looking younger. It includes an antioxident soup that I make that is really yummy. We had it tonight. We have also given up coffee. That was part of the plan and so far so good.
    I am anxious to hear …the rest of your story. I love you.


  2. arixness Says:

    He says he feels a lot better. I agree that hot chocolate probably wasn’t the best choice, I did make some suggestions for healthier and safer foods/drinks to have that night. He did have about 6 un-salted saltines as well. I will write about what he had today and my experience as well. I’m glad you are enjoying my posting, its nice to have an audience!

    It sounds like you and mark are getting into gear with healthier eating too! That’s fantastic! It always feels so nice to eat foods that are full of flavor and nutrition as well! Good luck to the both of you, stay happy and healthy!

    ♥ love you too!

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