Day 7

January 4th 2009 – 6:35pm

I remembered to post early this evening.  Today went pretty well.  This morning I tried the salt water flush as planned but DANG was it hard.  I made the 32oz of water with over 2tsp of non-iodized sea salt.  I made sure to over-fill the rounded teaspoons just to make sure it would work this time.  Some research online told me it may not have worked the first time because there wasn’t enough salt.  I pre-heated the water in a pan on the stove first just to get it warmer, but not too warm.  Then I dissolved in the salt.  The pan filled up 2 and a half tall glasses worth by the end of it.  The first glass went down.  That was rough.  It was SO SALTY!  It tasted like tasteless chicken broth that had WAY too much salt added.  After that first glass my stomach was about to burst.  I was so full!  I started drinking the next glass and started feeling very nausous.  It took me about 25 minutes to finish the last glass because I literally could not fit any more in my stomach.  It hurt.  But I managed to get it all down eventually.  What came next was a bit unexpected.

After laying on the couch for a while letting my tummy settle and the nausea to subside I started to get the feeling that things needed to come out.  So I ventured to the bathroom and was in there for almost an hour!  I took my Nintendo DS with me (:  But to my surprise, the only thing that came out of my rear was….WATER!  Yes, salt water.  Actual but pee.  I was peeing out of my butt.  It was the weirdest feeling.  Every few minutes a burst of butt pee would come gushing out.  Then after a while it would be about 10-15 minutes before anything would come.  But nothing else came out.  Just a yellow-ish watery pee.  I was expecting secret stashes of toxins hidden in my intestines to come with it.  It sort of felt like a ‘gut shower’  It just went straight through me.  On one side I am glad to know that my insides must be relatively cleansed if nothing too significant came out during the salt water flush, and on the other hand I was a bit surprised.  I expected some grosser things to emerge.  Oh well.  I think I am going to stick with the tea for the rest of the cleanse not only because I won’t have a lot of time to make sure I can let the flush run its course (because of work), but also because it was uncomfortable to drink and keep down.

While I was in the bathroom I kept calling for my boyfriend to bring me water because I immediately felt dehydrated after taking so much salt in.  So I had a few glasses of water which helped a lot.  I also managed to get pretty far in the game I was playing too (:  And finally after that ordeal I had a glass of lemonade which helped some tummy growls I was having all morning.  I have had a few glasses today, I will probably have just about the minimum amount of glasses by days end.  Then some tea to sooth my mouth and help with movements tomorrow.  Hoo boy, those should be interesting at work.  My boyfriend brought up a good point though.  Just before our holiday break, the entire downstairs team moved to another building we acquired to make room for our growing team.  And we bet that the bathrooms down there won’t be as inhabited on a regular basis which might help us feel better about stinking up the stalls a couple times a day (:  Its only for 3 more days so it shouldn’t be too bad.

I noticed today that I wasn’t really craving any foods.  My boyfriend had some sports on tv and if it were day 2 or 3, all of the food commercials would have killed me (they did, we watched a hockey game or two during that time…it was torture), but today they didn’t really seem to phase me.  I like that (:  Those food advertisements really have a manipulative way of making you hungry for such awful foods.

I had a slight hint of a headache today and it began around the time of me drinking the salt water flush.  I think the sodium had something to do with it.  But its not too bad.

My period throughout these past few days has been about heavy as it normally would be.  Except this time around my lower back was absolutely killing me.  I always have at least a little lower back muscle pain before and during my cycles, sometimes its more bearable than others, but this time was pure murder.  I had a little trouble sleeping right away a few nights and had constant aching throughout the day.  Today it was better than the previous few days.  Its getting better.  Just in time too, I’ll be ending my cycle around the same time I can start eating and cooking again.  I will feel like a brand new woman with a newly cleansed body, mind, and soul!

Another thing I noticed throughout the entire cleanse is that my boyfriend and I aren’t as testy with each other as we thought we might become due to the hunger and lack of food.  We actually have been much more affectionate and compassionate toward each other throughout.  If the cleanse reinforced any of our pre-existing ideas, then patience, understanding, and teamwork were definitely some of them!

Well, off to enjoy the last night of freedom before work tomorrow!

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