Day 6

January 3rd 2009 – 11:59pm

Its just after midnight here on day 6.  I am feeling pretty good.  I had just under 2 Sigg bottles of lemonade today.  I am getting quite bored of the lemonade though.  I am patiently waiting to be able to cook again.  I think I miss that the most, even more than eating it!

Today went by pretty quick.  I had a few movements.  One of them was even more gross than before.  There seemed to be a thin oily mucus that came out.  It clung like a sticky film to the side of the bowl.  It was foul…I can’t believe this stuff was inside me!  I am glad to bid it all farewell.  Other than that everything was similar to what it has been over the past few days movement wise.  And my tongue is still coated.  Patiently waiting for my pink tongue to come home.

I am curious to see how much weight I have lost.  I feel as though the weight loss has subsided up to this point.  I might be wrong but we will see.  I will be going out to get some more water for our lemonade tomorrow so I will see how my jeans fit.  So far they have been more comfortable than before the cleanse which is nice.

I totally forgot to re-try my salt water flush today.  I remembered about halfway into the day after already having had my tea and a glass of lemonade.  Since tomorrow is the last day of our holiday break I decided that it would be a better time than any to give it one more go before heading back to work.  I am dreading it…But I would like to have it work.  I can do it!

Well other than all that, we are about to make our tea for the night and watch a movie.  Then I can brush my teeth! Yay!!

4 more days, here we come!

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